Online study program, that is step by step that we have developed over a number of years.

  • Longeing for Respect

  • How to teach your horse to self load

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 Online Course - Longeing for Respect
I think this course is simple easy to follow and practical. This is what many of us novices need to understand the principles of respect. I am excited for you as I think you have a winning formula. Good to see the overhead shots as well. I am very keen to use this training on my horses at home as I haven't been able to gain respect and control them successfully. I would like then to follow this through to the riding stage and connect with them with confidence.
~ Denise, Nurse, CQ.

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"We offer training for performance, breaking in, re-educating and problem solving. The basis of sound horsemanship stays the same, but our program continues to evolve to suit the vast variety of horses that cross our path. No two are the same and should all be treated as individuals.


"We offer a range of clinics and workshops to suit your personal preference. Whether you're an entry level horse owner, competitive rider, want to learn more about cattle events, get involved in showing or just want to be a better horseman/woman.